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Versatile. Experienced. Reliable.

A seasoned freelancer, I write in-depth features, insightful profiles, nimble essays. I specialize in all-things Charleston, but also do travel and national stories. I'd love to talk with you.

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2015 legendscover copy article

Turtle Summer

Turtle Summer: It makes you marvel at the sheer wonder of it all. They are so, so small.

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Kiawah Legends Magazine

Kiawah on Tour

Rec featured traithlon 2014 article

Legends Magazine: Swim Bike Run

Like a shifting causeway between island and mainland, there’s a thin line between struggle and reward, between beauty and pain. And sometimes, when the wind is at your back and sweat stings your eyes and your lungs and your calves are screaming in a can’t-explain-it, feel-good way, that thin line between effort and elation, between awe and ouch, blurs together.

Legends3 article

Legends Magazine: Ground Breaking

Walk in the doors of 11 Fulton Street and the aroma smacks you hard. A pungent perfume of burlap and coffee. Both sweet and bitter, nutty and sharp, earthy and alluring. Burlap bags stamped with names of Central and South American countries slump along the entryway walls.