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A seasoned freelancer, I write in-depth features, insightful profiles, nimble essays. I specialize in all-things Charleston, but also do travel and national stories. I'd love to talk with you.

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Hunt: We interrupt our regularly scheduled gnashing of teeth to ponder a bit of gratitude

Hunt: We interrupt our regularly scheduled gnashing...

Cycling advocate responds to Tara Servatius' anti-biking column

Tara Servatius' June 26 column "Why does the government continue to promote biking?" did exactly what Servatius does best — piss a lot of folks off. She's excellent at raising the volume rather than elevating the discourse, and her particular tone of shrill seems to be effective at one thing...

Police have confiscated 55 bicycles from King Street sidewalks

Two weeks ago, in the thick of exam season, College of Charleston senior Taz Dossaji chained her purple beach cruiser to a lamppost in front of Joe Pasta on King Street. When she finished eating dinner and realized her bike was missing from the lamppost, she assumed it had been...